Self-Published Author’s Marketing Strategies

It’s really bizarre.  The last time I wrote on this blog was in June and I was writing about a guy call Gerard Jones who has the most wonderful literary/publishing website I’ve come across – full of names of literary agents and publishers   My last entry on that blog was “ Gerard Jones is one of the reasons I keep going looking for a literary agent or a publisher – after his book Ginny Good was rejected thousands of times, he finally got a publisher!” 

But I didn’t pay any attention to  my own words!  I got disheartened, fed up and ran out of steam because I couldn’t find a literary agent to take on my book  ‘Olga – A Daughter’s Tale’.  It’s silly of me because even in that frame of mind I never had any doubts about the book.  It’s quite simply a great story!  And although literary agents may not like it, the public does.  I’ve had some great reviews from members of the public and a couple of literary agents (who don’t think the time is right for a human interest story?).  Anyway, I’m off again with Round 2 or is it 22:)  And while I’m keeping you up to date with my marketing strategies for getting my book out there, I’ll sharewith you some great websites I’ve come across.

Although I stopped writing on this blog for a few months, I suppose I wasn’t completely disheartened, because I was still busy promoting my book.  As a self-published author being responsible for my own marketing strategies, I decided to make my book  ‘Olga – A Daughter’s Tale’  available for download onto e-book readers. I discovered a website that  makes it fast, free and easy to publish, distribute and sell your ebooks to a worldwide audience at the largest ebook retailers

All they ask is that you format your book to meet their requirements so they can convert it into different formats for e-book readers.  All free.

REVIEW:  ‘Olga – A Daughter’s Tale’ I’ve really enjoyed reading your family story. It’s an incredible tale and it is really beautifully written. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is right for our list at this time. The majority of the memoirs we publish are very mass market – the type that are typically sold in supermarkets, which I don’t think is right for your story.  I think it is a really fantastic book though and I wish you the best of luck with securing a publishing deal elsewhere.  All the best  Vicky McGeown  Harper Collins UK

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