with HUGE thanks to Christiana Miller for compiling this list
Wish I’d come across it sooner – would have saved me a lot of time and effort.
Thanks Christiana.

To Publish: (E-Book) (E-Book) (E-Book) (Paperback Books) (Paperback and Hardcover Books)

Important Links if You Want to Publish Audiobooks: (Podcast-based audiobooks)

To Buy ISBNs: (U.S.) (U.K.)

Conversion Software:

Blogs That You Should Check Out:
(also on YouTube at:

Blogs To Notify For Free Book Promos: (paid promo) (Over $5) (Link no longer working) ($29 or use the free ebook tracker tool) ($20 per day. David Wiseheart’s blog) (Orangeberry — $9.99)

Freebie Blogs for the UK (paid promo) — they have a UK version of their site

Freebie Blogs for Erotica

Places that Collate Freebie Sites Into One Blog Post

Blogs To Notify On the Day of Free Book Promos:,97167.0.html

Blogs To Notify For Low-Priced Sales (some of these are paid sponsorships): (paid promo)

Inexpensive Blog Tours (more expensive) (traditionally-published books only)

Freelance Editors:


Cover Designers:

Cover Art:

Helpful Boards:,60.0.html (Writer’s Cafe) (Writer’s Forum) (Forum)

Industry News:

Transferring paper books to e-files:

U.S. Copyright Office:

To Get a List of E-Book Formatters and Cover Artists:
Send an email to Smashwords, asking for Mark’s List.

To Get More Lists of Just About Everthing:

In the US, you can sign into Writer’s Café and go to Kindleboards Yellow Pages for Writers.,50419.msg868937.html#msg868937

Here’s the link to the US thread you can find this list on:,111778.125.html


You can also download “Be The Monkey” for free, from either Barry Eisler’s or J.A. Konrath’s webstores for a discussion on indie publishing vs. legacy publishing.

E-Book Formatting: (IBM) (Mac)

Audiobook Formatting:


About Marie Campbell (Olga's Daughter)

A new author’s persistent, and sometimes serendipitous, journey into the book publishing and movie world promoting her Jamaican mother's story.
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  1. rachel says:

    Great list Marie all sources in one place very helpful for author and publishers.
    I would like to suggest one more.
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