Bit of an understatement to say I haven’t blogged for a while but I’ve spent the last eighteen months turning Olga – A Daughter’s Tale into a screenplay entitled OLGA.   Well, it’s finished now and  I’m really pleased with it.  I had to do so many revisions – I think twelve before I was happy with the final version. So, by way of celebration of those (sometimes) unsung heroes – mothers, I’m giving away a FREE copy of my book  which you can download by clicking the link on the cover image of my book Olga – A Daughter’s Tale.

Round about version No 6 of OLGA, I submitted it to two UK productions companies, both of whom liked the story a lot.  They described OLGA as interesting, a strong story and with great potential to make it to the screen.  But, there were certain things wrong with it I had to fix, like character development and formatting.

To help me I contacted Linda Seger, a script consultant and also Hamish Downie, an Australian writer/producer and music video director, who helped me enormously.

Writing the screenplay was the easy part. Here comes the seriously hard part – finding either an agent to represent me and so get OLGA in front of film producers or finding a production company myself interested in it. But I’m giving it my best shot and prepared to be patient waiting for responses to the many query letters I send to film production  companies.

I wrote Olga – A Daughter’s Tale as a tribute to my mother and thought it would, as do many of the fans of the book, translate well to film, hence my screenplay OLGA.

So, to download free a copy of my book click the link on the cover image of my book Olga – A Daughter’s Tale. It would nice if you could review it either on Amazon or Goodreads.  Enjoy and thanks.  And whilst you’re on my blog, if you’ve got time, read the Readers’ Reviews.  They’re great:-)

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