OLGA (the movie)

I know it’s been a while since I last posted but the good news is my screenplay OLGA, with the guidance of #LindaSeger, one of the world’s foremost script consultants, is now finished .While developing OLGA I put looking for an agent or producer on hold but now is the time to send it out.

Please can you help me find an agent or producer by sharing this post and asking your friends to share? OLGA is a powerful, dramatic, at times heart breaking, yet inspirational story and I could not be more proud of it.

It would be really great to see OLGA produced with joint Aussie/UK/Jamaican involvement. Below is a brief description of what OLGA is about.

OLGA meets the increasing demand for films to include people of colour to attract a global audience and it has three female lead roles one of whom is Jamaican.

OLGA gives the audience a unique wartime experience and depicts the culture of England in the 1950s as it delves into society’s judgmental and prejudiced behaviours. The institutional racism that creates so many obstacles for Olga and her child provide a clear and topical set of conflicts which in turn allows the audience to identify and root for Olga. The story allows Olga’s faith to be something that anchors her and gives her strength. It’s this aspect of her character that sets her apart from other historical drama heroines.

Synopsis: Based on a true story, OLGA is about a young, unmarried, Catholic, Jamaican woman who is studying nursing in London when WW2 is declared. Olga suffers a brutal and harrowing sexual assault which dramatically changes her life with the arrival of an unexpected child. As Olga vows to raise her child alone in a judgmental and prejudiced post-WW2 England, she struggles to tell her daughter the truth about her father and with every obstacle that she must overcome, her faith is constantly put to the test.

OLGA (the movie) is based on my book OLGA – A DAUGHTER’S TALE . For a free copy click here.

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